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How Can Students Engage with PMA?
The Center for Metalforming Careers (C4MC) is powered by the Precision Metalforming Association Educational Foundation. The C4MC provides industry resources that highlight metalforming as an outstanding career option, as well as MFG Day resources to assist companies in hosting events to showcase the manufacturing industry.

The key, she said, is being willing to take negative feedback and say, "T hank you for telling me things that I can do better because now I can actually do them better."

"The best advice I have been given is to only hire people you would trust to hire other people for you. When building a team, you can easily bring the wrong people in, which can do a lot of damage to the company. To be sure you bring in only the best, make sure you would trust everyone you hire to bring another person into the company. "

When a colleague selects you as a Mentor you will be sent an invitation email from them, through the uMentor system. You then will need to log back into uMentor and view the status of Mentees from the  'Review My Mentees'  page. If you have more than three requests to be a mentor please use the grey dots and forward arrows to scroll through the profiles.

On May 25, 2017, the Mentors released The Illuminaughty , their first studio album in eight years, with Broy and Lomas sharing the vocal duties.

Mentors - A Piece Of SinemaMentors - A Piece Of SinemaMentors - A Piece Of SinemaMentors - A Piece Of Sinema